Finally finished and up for sale

I’ve owned four cars in my life and this was my first ever project and I am glad to say its done (or done as I’m ever gonna get it). The initial idea for the 1970 bug was to rat rod it but the car just turned out to be way to nice to abuse like that. So the first order of business was to repair the totally seized up air -cooled and repair the gigantic holes in the floor. After cutting the floors out and getting it ready for some fresh sheet metal I let my good friend and talented welder/fabricator, Eric Ferguson, have his way with her. We took a more performance approach by just building a flat bottom pan with tough bracing to stiffen up the car. After the floor was patched up it was time to build my first air-cooled engine, funny little things that they are. The motor is totally brand new except for the block and crank which ended up seeing alot of fresh machine work. I converted it to dual port and slapped a mild cam with performance valve train. Then the motor received 87mm pistons and jugs which pumped it up to a 1641cc. On top of the motor was placed a single Weber 44 with an empi intake manifold. Providing spark is a MSD ignition. After all the performance was taken care of I let my Dad tackle some of the shotty old bondo work on the fenders. A little hammerin and fresh paint got her to where she is today. The interior also got a little love with honda civic buckets and fresh carpet. Now that the car is finally done she is up for sale to provide the sr20det for my 240sx. Oh ya and at one point during my two years or so with the car it looked like this. The turbo is off of a dsm and the intercooler is a v-mount unit for rx7’s haha.

trais taylor


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