a day late is better than never

After waiting around a week for my clip to arrive from a company in Texas the shipping company is finally dropping her off a day late. Luckily we have a fork lift available to us at the shop. The shipping company showed up with a 1xxx lbs package and only brought a little jack. So after a little pushing around Robert unloaded my long awaited jdm clip.

After a quick pow-wow with the truck driver we had the clip unwrapped. First thing I noticed were the really cool old school HKS decals on the fenders. Kinda had me worried that maybe the motor had been beat on in her previous life. Oh ya right hand drive. Even though my 240sx and this clip are the second oldest cars I’ve owned they both have the least amount miles. The shell is pushing 126xxx and the motor and trans are just over 99xxx.

Popping the hood exposed my new baby. Except for the air filter this sr20det is absolutely bone stock. That silenced the worry of a highly abused drift missile.

This is why I bought a clip not just a motor set. I have everything. No searching for parts or fabricating involved. Why buy a half missing box of Legos when you could have it all. Next up is the fuel system and the removal of all the stuff I need from this clip.



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-Linhbergh Nguyen

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