getting ready for a heart transplant

The car has been sitting behind the shop for a couple months now and was starting to look pretty sad. Tall grass had started to take it over and couple months of dust and tree pollen covered it. After spending a little bit of change on a jdm front clip I decided to start prepping the car for its new motor. First step was removing the front bumper and hood so access would be easier. Also the car will be getting switched from the pig nose to the ’91 and up front bumper.

Evidently the battery had exploded before I got the car. So removal of the battery tray and repair of some rust is a must. Got a new optima red top which will be mounted in the rear of the car. The fmic is going to need its old location.

Sprayed the engine compartment down with some degreaser, the old KA had left quite a mess. The wait for the front clip will be a long one.


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