weekend #one

Saturday was the official start of the engine swap. Check the little t25, I cant wait to see how much fury this little guy has pinned up!

Seeing as my car hasn’t had a motor in it for atleast three years I wasn’t going to risk running the stock fuel pump so I switched it out for a Walbro. Surprisingly the tank was clean and the gas didn’t even smell weird.

To handle the output of the Walbro 255 I went with the standard mod of installing the z32 fuel filter. Cheap, fits in the stock location, and will handle the extra load all for about $15.

After an hour or so the motor was ready to be yanked out. During the tear down process I started noticing exactly how stock this thing is. Nissan everything including the clutch, starter, and alternator. Dead serious when I say I am pretty sure I was the first person to ever pull the coil cover off the cam cover. No dust or anything underneath and it all looked brand new.

Once the motor was out of the clip it was time to start preparing the shell for its new heart. Got the twin cam ka power steering lines all installed. Craigslist really cam through on those.

One reason I bought my car was because it had no motor and was an automatic. Ya that poses some problems but it ensured that my car was never rallied by some dumbass after watching Tokyo Drift. So to start off the manual conversion all I had to do was drill out the already marked holes in the firewall for the clutch pedal.

My clutch pedal came with the master cylinder but the one from the shell looked to be in way better shape so here it is all mounted up in the factory location. Besides for the overdrive light on the dashboard there is no way to tell that it wasnt a five speed to start with now.

Now this was an exciting moment. Pushing the motor towards the shell with my faithful companion O.T. or Dad as I’m supposed to call him.

Finally sitting in its new home! Bolted her in with a set of Megan Racing mounts. Don’t hate on em. Megan Racing builds decent parts for the right price. Very rarely do you actually benefit from paying the big bucks for that Japanese name on your parts.

Well after unhooking it from the engine lift this is how she sits. Tomorrow starts the process of reinstalling some oem pieces with the aftermarket parts I’ve been collecting over the last couple months.

Keep looking out for updates. The project is picking up speed and wont slow down until its moving under its own power!



1 Response to “weekend #one”

  1. 1 chase grove
    July 27, 2010 at 3:30 pm

    what an adventure it was getting those steering lines. hah good times.

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