completion process.

So the car has been up and running for a while now but I figured I would finally put up the final stretch of the motor swap. So a little under 1200 kilometers after its finished here we go.

From my countless hours researching the engine swap I learned on many, many different occasions that SR’s have an over heating problem. So before I ever had the chance to live out a steamy roadside disaster I threw in this super ill-matic Mishimoto radiator. Looks awesome, works great and all for under $230. Your dumb not to buy one.

So to make my 5speed swap totally official I went through the process of swapping the brake pedal to the proper one instead of just cutting down the old auto one. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of doing this you should feel very lucky. What a whore.

Another great thing about buying the jdm clip for my swap was all the parts I would be getting. Since my car was originally a single cam KA the tachometer wouldn’t work with the SR20 ignition system. So out with that and in with the jdm one. Kinda weird using kilo’s but it works perfect and is just a little more special than running the American version.

Arrived at the shop to see that my dad had modified my car with a custom spoiler. And yes that baby does say drift magic!

First test of my CXracing intercooler. Seriously you guys buy one of these kits and stop paying for the overly priced big name companys.

SPEC clutch installed on my freshly resurfaced flywheel. Kit came with the pilot bushing and throwout bearing. Bearing started making noise already though… not to sure why. Oh well the clutch feels like stock and works pretty well.

Fitted the trans and drive shaft. Once again used new Megan Racing mounts. And the stainless clutch line completed the 5speed swap. Kind of a pain but my car is prime with absolutely no boy racer molestation.

Went the cheap and easy way and bought an ISIS 3″ stainless downpipe. Fits perfectly above the frame rail so you dont have to worry about beating it on the ground. Notice the little extension piece I had to fabricate so the hanger would mount up right. Not sure if this was just a mistake on my downpipe but other than that flaw this thing was totally worth the $100.

Finally after all the months of planning and part collecting the car is out and moving under its own power. Couldnt be happier with my investment. Used the Drifting.com s13 SR20 motor swap dvd to make my harness swap. If you’ve never done this swap before seriously buy this dvd. Made my harness swap go so smooth. Seriously just did the modifications shown in the dvd and blam it started first try.

This is exactly how it took its first drive. Took her to wendy’s for a victory dinner. No insurance, no registration, no plates, no bumper, no turn signals, no hood, no exhaust, inner fenders dragging on the ground, totally blown struts, three different sized tires…. ya it wasnt a great or legal first drive but it sure made my day!

More updates coming soon… gotta get this thing road ready.



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