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5 lug swap part two.

Alright so round two of the 5 lug hub swap. For the rear of the car I wanted to avoid the aftermarket hubs because of all the complaints of the axle splines not fitting well. So for $114, I purchased some used 1990 300zx N/A hubs. The studs were in good shape and so were the bearings so nothing else was needed for that. Continue reading ‘5 lug swap part two.’


5 Lug and Q45 Front Brake Swap.

Let me start off this post by apologizing for these terrible cell phone pictures. Moving into a new apartment lead me to get distracted and I forgot the Canon on the desk. After swapping in a little more HP’s I figured it was in the best interest to up the braking power. Plus going from 4×114.3 to 5×114.3 really opens up the wheel department.

Continue reading ‘5 Lug and Q45 Front Brake Swap.’

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Automotive Quotes

"I've always maintained that no matter what car we're talking about, character is the number one aspect that determines whether or not you love the car. You performance-oriented folk can nod your head with me when I say this. You may have a car that can lap a course in record time, or it may pull a lot of G's in a straight line, but at the end of the day, if you're not giggling or laughing at the top of your lungs, it is just a hunk of metal."
-Linhbergh Nguyen

"I can’t think of anything better than the ability to yell louder than the passenger screaming in the seat next to you “SHUT UP! I F*CKING GOT THIS!” as you drive over your front lip, while laughing hysterically…"
-Scottie Scheetz

No matter what separates us, no matter how many miles, how different our cultures are, or what languages we speak… we all were there on that track for the same reason.  We love drifting.
-James Evins