5 Lug and Q45 Front Brake Swap.

Let me start off this post by apologizing for these terrible cell phone pictures. Moving into a new apartment lead me to get distracted and I forgot the Canon on the desk. After swapping in a little more HP’s I figured it was in the best interest to up the braking power. Plus going from 4×114.3 to 5×114.3 really opens up the wheel department.

Alright so I am sure if anybody reading this has put in the time to research the 5 lug swap for s13’s then you’ll know there are a couple of options. Ichiba this or OEM s14 spindles that or hey what about the eBay hubs is all I really found on the forums. I decided to go with some $150 eBay front hubs, and the Q45 front brake swap. I purchased my new remanufactured calipers from Napa along with new pads and rotors.

The normal s13 front rotors are around 9″ or so and the Q45 rotors are 11″ and noticeably thicker.

This is just a quick comparison of the OEM 4 lug hubs and the eBay brand 5 lug hubs. Everything about the eBay hubs look good so far. The rear hubs are really the only ones I was worried about anyways.

So first up is disassembly. Remove the old caliper and connect the brake line to the new one so you don’t drain out all your fluid. Pop off the dust cap and remove the pin and lock nut. Then pull the hub off which should come easy. At this point you can either remove the brake shield or cut it to fit. I just removed it because I don’t plan on driving my car on dirt roads or in the snow.

Make sure the spindle and the bearing surface are all clean then slide the new hub on. Insert the lock washer then torque the nut down to 85ftlbs. Insert the pin then push the dust cap on. Hubs fit well and the bearings feel just fine.

All that is left to do is slide the rotor on the studs and bolt the caliper bracket back on. Then insert the pads and bolt the caliper down. Need to purchase some stainless brake lines to finish this set up off. Nothing like having a all shiny new set up. Hidden behind the brakes are Megan Racing Street Series Coilovers. I seriously recommend these things.

Luckily the Enkei wheels I have for my Subaru everyday driver has both 5×100 and 5×114.3 bolt patterns. They are 17×8 with a pretty weak offset but they will work until I purchase something more suited for the s13. Look out for another post talking about the rear hub install.



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