5 lug swap part two.

Alright so round two of the 5 lug hub swap. For the rear of the car I wanted to avoid the aftermarket hubs because of all the complaints of the axle splines not fitting well. So for $114, I purchased some used 1990 300zx N/A hubs. The studs were in good shape and so were the bearings so nothing else was needed for that.

Pull off the wheel with those super sick oem poverty caps and here is the job at hand. Time to rip the caliper off and move onto removing the axle nut.

Alright so either you can pull like all of the suspension links off the outer axle housing or you can find one of these bad boys. Luckily having a shop with two full time mechanics tool collection inside allows me to do things the easy way. Push the axle back using this tool and get in behind it and pull the 19mm bolts out.

Next up in the snazzy tool section is a slide hammer that screws into that piece in the picture before. Wham bam and off comes the hub. Clean up the threads and the splines and do the same to the new hub. DO NOT forget to put your dust shield on like I did the first time. You get the pleasure of pulling the hub back off.

So put everything back together in reverse order of coarse. I am using the stock s13 rear calipers so I purchased some s14 SE rotors for the rear and some new pads. Make sure you grease the caliper slides up or your pads will wear all crappy.

All back together. Dont worry the caliper is just covered in brake cleaner.

TAAADAAA. Five lug and Q45 brake swap complete. The wheels off the Subaru dont look bad but the offset is pretty weak. Once the snow melts and I get a chance to break the brakes in the ride height will be coming down and new wheels will be going on.




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